Does anyone out there happen to know much about Pydev? It's my preferred IDE (it's the only free IDE that received good reviews when I looked it up), but I'm getting frustrated trying to download some new modules and use them in it.

I downloaded and installed the module tkSnack, which should help me play sounds in Tkinter. It works great from the console. However, I just cannot get it to work from within Pydev. It will import without errors, but it doesn't have access to any of its functions. This is what I get when I print dir(tkSnack) :

['__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 'tkSnack']

Obviously, it's missing a few methods.

I've tried removing and re-adding the interpreter in Pydev, and adding a new folder to the library separately, but neither worked. Any ideas as to what to do next would be really appreciated.

Since PyDEv is a plugin for a Java monster like Eclipse, you can expect a few side effects. The whole thing was simple too huge for my taste.

My friend
I used to work with eclipse , but didn't satisfy me...
After I worked with Zend Studio ( for PHP ) and WingIde ( for PYTHON ) , it made me learn faster.
IMO wingide is a good choice , understands a lot of new modules and develops fast.

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