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I think what ithelp said should do it, if I read your post correctly. You need to make a basic quizzing program? Just add textboxes and buttons on your form and then use some basic commands to compare the answers to the input.

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hi frnz!...m a comp. Sc diploma student n m in2 my final(project) semester....whre we need 2 submit our own projects. i hav been asked 2 prepare a Quizzing software...much similar 2 those conducting online exams lyk the MCSE etc....based on VB n MS-Access. plz help me on how 2 start 4m the scratch...can I get any sample CODES 4 assistance?

Since this is an assignment, I'm not going to give you any code, but I will give you direction.

Depending on how simple or complex this needs to be you can:

You would have to create a connection string to the database and update it with the student test scores and answers.

Create your form and add controls with the questions added dynamically as the form loads in the FormLoad Events. You can either use logic with If Then Else or Select Case to add questions, using looping statement and counters to add the correct number of questions on the form with the answers either checkboxes, or letters or numbers.

To allow answering, you'll need to either use MouseOver and capture the MouseClick event or use checkboxes.

Dim the answers as correct or incorrect and keep the value stored. If you want to shut down the test when the answers are passing or failing you can use more logic and If Then Else type statement that if they have enough passing, end the text or if they have enough failing stop the text.

If you don't want to do that, you can let them complete the test and show correct and incorrect and give them an opportunity to recant (redo) their answers and keep a count of the number of times you'll allow them to retest or change their answers.

Each time the test loads, if you use the Random feature you can shuffle the questions and answers for the test, making it virtually impossible for someone to memorize the answers or questions.

You could also use the mouse over to show tips for the answers to the questions, without giving the actual answers.

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