Hey, guys~~
I have some questions about CSP
Is simple hill-climbing a complete algorithm for solving CSPs?
and if a CSP is only with unary constraints, is it sure to be solved?

Thank you^~^!

nobody can help me??

CSP is a Content Security Policy which is mandatory for all merchants on the web.
It is a perpetual headache which no-one seems to be able to install properly.
It's a code that stays on your server, it's to improve safety where money and site hacking are concerned.
Without the dreaded thing PayPal remains dormant, the Buy Now buttons refuse to move/connect.
Just who we have to thank for this huge rock in the road I don't know, but I bet he earns a lot of money
devising stuff!

I’m sorry you’re still having issues with CSP (I can see if I can help you more in the other thread) but the OP here is referring to something different (and not web related) entirely.

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