About half year ago I was interested in Direct3D 9/10 programming, but I released that DX isnt for me. Im not really interested into a game development.

I know C/C++ basics, some Win32 API and some QT4 basics. Now, I'd like to try OpenGL.

I am looking for a OpenGL 2.1 tutorial for complete n00bs. It should be for windows(Win32).
Id like to create some 2d/3d stuff.

And also may you recommend me a good book?

Thanks in advance.

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I know you cannot find out what I wanted to ask.

I was probably not clear enaught.

I solved my problems anyway


>I know you cannot find out what I wanted to ask.
OK. Well, you asked for some tutorials. I provided a link to a thread that listed them. If you wanted something else, you should have asked for something else.

>I was probably not clear enaught.
You didn't make any sense. You claimed that game development wasn't really your thing, and that's why you stopped using DirectX. Fair enough. But how is the purpose of OpenGL any different from Direct3D?

>I solved my problems anyway
Glad to hear.

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