:@Hi i am currenty working on a basket ball game in one of my grade 11 classes. My teacher and I cannot find a way to make the exit code work even when the shot is being taken. Also to take a shot you have to hit shoot in a command box. When the program is running if you keep clicking shoot the program will continue running for the number of clicks made, even tho i have used the enable code and i move the button after the click.
if you could please help me out i would be very happy.
If you need me to send the code there is alot but i would be more than happy.

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i think you should put doevents in the SHOOT codes... so you could exit anytime u want.. and about the clicking of shoot.. try to declace a global variable that will tell you the status of your game.. ex. if you click shoot the status is Shooting... so you can filter now the click event with that variable..
try the code..
if bstatus = shooting then exit sub

i hope i ve help you..

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