So I'm a young person who has just decided I want to persue a career in programing, (I think) while surfing through my usual video sites, i discovered a tuturial on how to "make yourown harmless virus" it was simply showing you how to make a "restart your computer" shortcut and desguising it as internet explorer.... rather simple.....a few days later and a few more videos, i discovered that this sort of thing is really interesting....I have a backround in building computers and hardware and such but computer languages like C++ seemed a bit much....then i stumbled across another how to make yourown virus threads, and it explained in more detail how to make a .bat file......awsome I thought....btw....I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE VIRUSES!!!!! just to get that clear... I'de much rather combat them....but of course I first need to understand them, understand how the computer ACTUALLY i'm kind of at a standstill and need some help....
I'm looking into my local community college to see what they can offer me, I would like some suggestions on a direction to can i apply my creativeness to my new there any free online courses or forums I should know about...and even there anyplace online that I might work for while training???
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. PS i'm verry new to anything but hardware so be prepared for a little innocent stupidity :P

THANK U!!!!!

first thing is to learn a programming language. Visual basic (VB) is easy (much, much easier than c++) . And its free (express edition) and there are video tutorials on microsoft's site