Hello wall,

Is there any way to be rid of the red Tk in the upper left hand corner? I remember reading somewhere that you can replace it with another icon, but can you completely remove it, leaving nothing but a blank space?

Or can one replace it with:

root.title("Any Title")

Also, can "Any Title" be colourized i.e. red, green, or blue or some other such colour other than the rather ordinary white?


Changing the icon can be rather simple. If you want the icon to blend in with the title bar, you can use a blank icon with the matching background colour. I have created one for this example with LiquidIcon, my favorite icon program ...

# replace the Tkinter icon
# created a blank icon with program LiquidIcon
# put blank.ico into the working folder or give path
from Tkinter import *
root = Tk()
root.title('New Icon')

Changing the title text font and colour may not be possible with Tkinter, since it tries to be portable and is based on tcl rather than Windows APIs.

Attached is blank.zip that contains blank.ico


Great work!:) I was so busy trying to find code to make it disappear, that the thought never occured to me that I could simply camouflage where the Tk logo is by putting a blank coloured space over it and then blending it by matching it with the same colour onto the background title bar. No wonder you're a Mr. Vegaseat and I'm a Mr. No One (duh):-/.

Yes, the colourized "root.title" doesn't look possible at all...and lucky you told me about the font as well because I later thought "well if I can't change the colour, maybe instead I can change the font" but you have anticipated my response and saved me from having to email in again, well done:).

P.S. Have you changed into an Aussie, you're spelling for "color" to "colour" is twice distinctly visible!:)

Thank you, thank you and...thank you.


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