Hi every body

I am a second year computing student and I was lately thinking about project ideas but couldnt figure out a good one.

I have recently started java only in my second year and I was thinking developing a web application ( may be auction site ) for my project third yr inorder to futher my java skills.

I would like to ask of how java could be implenetd in this area. i was thinking along the line of using java servelets, servepages, beans along with mysql database.

what do you think?

your help and advice is appreciated.

thanks in advance.

hmmm, I'm finishing this year(waiting for results), but I have to tell you that teachers are bored with all the websites implementations done in major languages so you have to be good in it to get good marks for it. Implementation and design have to be explain in details, lots of UML diagrams, alanyze DB which you want to use etc...
I did Java application to manipulate TIFF and PDF documents as I'm quite familiar with it, my friend did Java interface fo MySQL to work like PHPmyAdmin (PHPmyAdmin requere Apache server instead of Tomcat, MySQL and PHP installed on the machine, no need if you want to work with Java and MySQL only)

yes, some good points there Peter. I agree with you that websites need loads of UML (cases, object interactions, etc) diagrams and it seems easy but a bit tricky.

I have downloaded XAMMP on my machine since I was doing some module that has some PHP and rarely used the xampp. I must say I am fan of linux eventhough the GUI is not that much.

I wouldnt mind trying java application developement if there is a good project idea out there.

oh you finished your project you must be feeling relieved, all the best with the results.

any one with an idea just shoot.

there are tons of ideas out there, most of them implemented already (or being implemented).
The idea here is that you come up with your own idea...

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