Hello everyone, I'm new to DaniWeb and a sort of beginner at Python. I've created a GUI in Python using Glade and GTK and I have two questions. I'm having trouble with comboboxes. Particularly with entering data into a combo box from Python. I've tried the following....

myCombo = self.wTree.get_widget('comboboxentry')
myCombo.append_text('blah blah blah')

to no avail... apparently you have to first do gtk.combo_box_new_text() before you can append text. Is this possible when using Glade to construct my GUI?

My second question is this.. How do I create a ListBox using Glade or GTK. I would like eventually to be able to grab text from a line via mouse click. For example, a list of files appear in a text area and the user would be able to double click on the file and be able to delete it etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I've found two addresses that might help. Both are mailing lists that specialize in the two areas (GTK and Glade ) that you're asking about:

http://www.gtk.org/mailinglists.html (GTK Mailing Lists)

http://glade.gnome.org/lists.html (Glade Mailing Lists)

If you join their mailing lists they should be able to answer your questions promptly. Or alternatively, you could look up their archives (just click on "archive") and look in there.

Hope this helps:).