weight fast-post normal courier
<500g RM0.80 RM0.45 RM0.65
500-999g RM1.20 RM1.00 RM1.10
1kg-4.999kg RM1.50 RM1.35 RM1.60
>=5kg RM2.75 RM2.00 RM2.65

"Base on the cost of postage above,we have to write a c program for the mailing pakage.
here i have some problem about the codding of c programming.i'm a
computing student and we have an assignment that is so complicated.we have to make it using the function as well,the output must be something like this:-"

Enter number of packages: 2
weight of packages 1(grams): 1000
weight of packages 2(grams): 500

cost of sending package:RM2.70
method of postage: fast-post

want to continue?(Y/N): N

"urgent packages are sent either fast-post or by courier,whichever is cheapr.if both fast post and courier have the same cost,preference is given to fast-post.use three seperate functions,one each to calculate the cost of sending the packages(fast,normal and courier).have these function return cost."
"please someone out there help me.............."
just send it to my e-mail: cheater@wedontdohomework.com


We can't!

The idea of a community such as DaniWeb is for a group participation and learning by solving the problem. It is also unethical for A) us to do your homework, and B) for you to accept our work as your homwork. No!

What can we do?

You are the student. We can make suggestions to your code, and help correct it, but the guts of the code have to be yours. Spend an hour, and start with either a basic flow chart, or write down some psudeo-code (code that is not correct, but gets the idea) and we will build from there.

Anyone who just emails you the answer is not working with the spirit of learning, regardless of any impending deadlines.

We await your code submission...


another good idea, (one i got from my dad) is start by building a simpler version. a version that doesnt do all of it, but only part of it, and expand upon that. work with something simple. like instead of ten input fields for somthing or other only 1. you know things like that. then build off of that into somthing bigger.