Hi there,

I have a script in my intranet to which I have 100% rights to run through browser using exec(); passthru(); system(); etc with php.

Now we use this to make automated backups per user database of certain systems connected. Very simple for the end-user after done working and very complex for the managers to process. So I rather not explain.

It comes down to a control panel page where certain things can be performed, including running this script for a personal copy, system backup and extra backup for company archive.

The dumps are quite big in some situations and the system resources can handle the stress and load easy to also gzip the results.

But how do I gzip the result properly using a .php script that runs a .sh or perl file?

Please help me :)

I tried piping the command and stuff, but I resulted in 0byte files.
Hopefully someone has an example for me.

You should check out DreamInCode.net for more help! I hope this reply came fast enough!

You can add the code to the shell script. I'm guessing you're doing a MySQL dump of the data into a .sql file? Just add another line to the shell script to tar -czf {file.sql}. Either that or provide more details on what the shell script is doing in the first place.

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