Hello guys,
I'm using John Smiley's Learn to program in C++ as a self study guide to this language along with the free Borland compiler ver 5.5. It's unique in that he's teaching the basics of the language, at the same time developing a single program and not jumping all over the map as I've seen in some books.

I read the forums here to view codes and implement what I've read thus far or to think in terms of what I've read, also to get tips. I've come across a problem however as I recently read a post by both S.O.S and Narue that using <stdio.h> and <math.h> are outdated. The book has been published in 2002. Should I continue with the book I'm using and get something current?

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>The book has been published in 2002.
The C++ standard was ratified in 1998 and was widely implemented for about two years before that. If the author of your book couldn't start using the correct headers with six years of preparation time, I wouldn't try to learn from him.

>Should I continue with the book I'm using and get something current?
Get a new book. I'd recommend Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo.

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