I have setup connection with GLUE directory. and getting some attribute also, which i am specifying in search array parameter, but not all. i need to fatch all attributes and their value. even i m not able to fetch the schema also.
I don't know what is problem, as this is new topic for me also.. but i am trying even... i may be wrong some where..
Suggest me something or give me some code, which can be used to lookup GLUE/ADAM directory..
i am working on java.


if I understand you correctly, you're trying to 'fetch' data that's inside the GLUE/ADAM dir, while you're inside the GLUE dir?

well... I kind of take it as you're trying to read data out of (for instance) GLUE/ADAM/data.txt

what you need to do is to check wether this file exists. You'll find the 'File' class comes in very handy.
if it exists, use a FileReader to extract the data out of it,
if it doesn't exist, you can choose to either forget about it, or to create the file and putting the default-data in it yourself, which you can alter later on.

Hi stultuske.
actually i have no more knowldge abt this..
My problem is that, there is one Schema in AD. and through ldap i need to access that schema and it's field value.
i able to establish connection but not to fetch the field value.
So there is one schema/table having user's basic details and i have to code in java to fetch those value so that i can update user' profile on my database....
please get me back,if anyone knows..