I am trying to build a program for ftp transmission purposes. I have been requested to use another program written by my predecessor as a model.

At one point, my predecessor's code makes reference to an item called flstvwBags, a TFileListView object. I cannot find this component on my own system, and have been tracking it down online. However, the versions I have found all seem to be for Delphi 4 or earlier; I am running Delphi 7.

I basically have just a few simple questions I wish to ask.

1. Is the TFileListView component a default component for Delphi 7, and if so, which of the palette tags would it be on? (Standard, Additional, System, etc...)

2. Does anyone here know of the location online for a copy of the TFileListView component that is designed for Delphi 7? Or alternately, does anyone know whether or not I'll be able to use the copies of this I have found that are for earlier versions of Delphi?

3. Does anyone know of any other components or coding sequences that might be able to substitute for the TFileListView component?

Thank you for your consideration.

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