This program was written to program a circut that was to be used in the controll of an game, it is made fore a big show in Norway. The job is mine and I cant get it to work properly. I have put the file as an attachment and was wondering if anybody could help me out here.

The game is about leading a metalrod with an “o-shape” at the end of it, along a corse without touching the metallbar in the middle
There are two lanes that go at the same time. You get five punishing points every time you tuch the bar. The points are shown on a leddisplay and ends when the contester reaches the end of the consruction.. There is also a “reset button” and a startbutton. After the startbutton is pushed a trafficlight should shine (red, yellow and green) That way thw contestors know when to start.

If anybody is interested the flow-diagrams are also availabal

what is the exact problem? which line?