Hi i'm using the Net::POP3 module for reading my email, but it doesn't feature a method that lets you get the body of the email directly.

So I have to construct a regex in order to get it.
The problem is that I can't get it right.

I want to match all lines after an empty line (aka \n\n).

What would be the correct regex?

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Yes I have, but I didn't get the correct answer yet.

<deleted - keep it clean>


I thought maybe you were unaware of the replies on the other forum and I was just directing you to look there. <deleted - keep it clean>


Yes I have, but I didn't get the correct answer yet.
<deleted - keep it clean>.

Well, this is guanrteed to get you answers.

Continue in the other thread. If you don't like the answers there, then say that in the thread and ask for other possibilities, don't just simply start another thread, it's rude. But then again, I get the idea (from this post alone) that rude is your normal state of affairs. Welcome to the ignore list.

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