I am working on a program for one of my courses.

The program requires the use of a command line argument.

I am using JCreator and as such my code does not work.

Is it not possible to run a program with a command line prompt from JCreator?


Yes it is. Instead of simply pushing on the blue (right pointing) triangle, click next to it to get the pull down, and select something like "configuration" and play around in there a while.

You would be better off, however, since you are learning, programming with a simple, highlight capable, editor and the compiling on the command line, rather than using an IDE.

Thanks for your help.

if you check out JCreator forum you would find answer there

Thanks again! I got it to work!

If you are using the JCreator IDE : "To change JCreator to take command line arguments:

Configure>Options>JDK Tools
Change "Select Tool Type" to "Run Application"
Click on "" and then click the "Edit.." button
Change to the parameters tab, and then click the box that says
"Prompt For Main Method Arguments"

commented: You just rewrote what was already stated in the link provided by me... -3

What is wrong with reading the documentation of the IDE?

In any case, closing this three year dead zombie.

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