Dear Sir,
I am student of BS(CS) in COMSATS, Islamabad, Pakistan. I am working on my final year project of OCRNL (Optical Character Recognition Naskh Ligature, Naskh is Urdu font, the national language of Pakistan). My project is in final stage and I am having the following problem:
textString1 = get(handles.edit4,'String');

set(handles.edit4,'String',x1) ;

textString1 =strcat(textString1,x1);
textString1 =strcat(textString1,',');

x1 variable brings the character from database and concatenate with textString1, the separator “,”(comma) is used to separate words like : a,b,c,d
But I want to separate it (characters) by space like : a b c d
Please change my code to separate the character with space
ii) As I told you that I am working on Urdu font which is national language of Pakistan. When I show character in edit box in GUI of matlab, many characters of Urdu are change with box, and instead of character a box is displayed in the edit box. I have also enabled the urdu font from control panel-> regional language. But it’s still showing the box. Please tell me what to do to show the complete character.
Matlab show character in edit box like : [] مير
But the actual character is like : ميرے

Please give me positive response to solve this problem, I am waiting for your immediate, and useful response. Also provide me your e-mail so that I can easily make queries.

Please reply at e-mail:

You have to use UTF encoding, learn internationalization of characters,
I do not think your project is even 10% complete.

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