My compiler won't pause on getchar();. I have Dev C++ and if I put getchar(); at the end of the program, it doesn't stop, and the console window still exits. It still exits when I assign a variable to it
c = getchar();
Is there another way to pause the program with C, without using system("PAUSE");

The program will not stop if there are still keystroks in the keyboard buffer, such as if you previously called scanf() to get an integer the '\n' will still be in the keyboard buffer. But you will have to post your program for anyone to give you more help with this.

>Is there another way to pause the program with C, without using system("PAUSE");
Sure. Don't run your program in an IDE that isn't smart enough to keep the window open. Run it from the command prompt.

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The problem arises when you are using different variables to read stuff, like ints and strings.

My advice would be to read everything in as a string and just convert to ints or floats where necessary.

The problem arises when you don't know how C uses stream based input. You can mix input methods without any trouble if you know what happens, but most people just make function calls without knowing what's going on. The ideal fix is to learn how stream I/O works and learn what each input function does.

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That too but my way is best, safer (for newbies ) and works :)

Its ok, I switched to a new IDE and it solved the problem. Thanks for the help guys.

>but my way is best
No, your way promotes ignorance. Mine promotes learning.

>safer (for newbies )
Trading one mystery for another isn't safer.

>and works
Which is why I didn't immediately correct you.

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Which IDE did you change too. BTW I think you should try my idea cos I bet it works.

Pelles C. Its a good IDE, similar to Dev C++. I don't know how to convert from type to another anyways...

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You also know if you run your program from the command line you can see the output.

i.e start > run > cmd cd "path to exe" blah.exe ? If I recall.

Try to use _getch();

>Try to use _getch();
Bumping a three year old thread with bad advice. Awesome first post! :icon_rolleyes:

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