Hello everyone! I am new to C++ and downloaded Dev-C++ a few hours ago. Is this the right C++ to use? Sometimes I get it to work but sometimes it doesn't. After I typed in the "Hello World" code I compiled it with no errors then when I click run or execute nothing happens. Anyone know whats wrong?

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Sorry for wasting time, but I figured out the problem :)

I remember an old version of Dev-C++ that I got. It had a "Hello World" project option, and as I was new to C++ at that time, clicked it. I tried to compile it, and it came up with errors!

Much, much later when I knew more about C++, did I realize that the person who wrote the hello world program for Dev had made a little error:

#include <iosteam>

I wonder how long it took for them to fix that error––but I'm sure it's been long gone. :)

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