I am writing a program that needs to share a cookie between internet explorer and the program I'm writing. Here's the scenario. A user logs into his account through IE, and then starts the program I'm writing. The program will retrieve the cookie from the IE cache and then use the same cookie so that the programs can use the same account. I've temporarily written the program to acquire its own cookie to fulfill its tasks, which it does nicely. However, I cannot seem to get the cookie out of the IE cache because it doesn't seem to be set. I opened the cache and it's not set. I know my restrictions aren't too strict because cookies from yahoo etc. can be set in IE, and the website functions correctly. However, I know that the website is depending on some sort of cookie functionality because you must have cookies turned on for it to login through IE, and you must send the cookie with each page request from my program. Yet, once you are logged in through IE, you can delete the cookies and it will continue to work. I'm stumped so please help me if you can. Thank you very much.


What would keep IE from writing a cookie to a cookie file, and yet at the same time keep on sending it to the website? Wait... I just found this. So it's in memory. Is there a way to retrieve this anyway?