y c++ is not fully oops

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> y c++ is not fully oops
Because it was meant as a OO replacement for C programmers. Also not everything is an object in C++. In pure OO languages, even a class in an object and everything which happens, happens due to message passing between objects. Smalltalk is a pure OO language.

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>y c++ is not fully oops
You are initially correct in your assumption.

"[c++]...is one of the most successful conspiracies hatched/practical jokes ever played on nerds who take ideas like OOP seriously"


>y c++ is not fully oops
Because the creator didn't want to restrict C++ users like that.

mmm C# and Java (based loosely on C) are much more OO but even they are not 100% truly OO

anyone who cares one way or another has no business being in professional software development...

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