I can add nodes to my JTree, but after expanding a node, I can not add any child nodes to that node, or at least they dont show on the screen? Actually I can use the .add(new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Label")); to add a node to a parent node, but the new child node doesn't show on the display of the JTree?

Any help appreciated,

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You will need to refresh the display to make it show up.

use the tree model's insertNodeInto(), it should fire the appropriate events for updating the view.

Hi I am facing exactly the same problem. Did you find a solution to this? I want to avoid using treemodel here since my tree is a static variable. I don't want to play around with objects at the moment.. Will involve a lot of restructuring of code.
Please help !!!

It appears TreeModel is the only solution to this problem... !!! i used that and it is now working fine for me..

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