I am planning to develop a windows application based on XML in C programming..So i need some good reference links regarding which parser to use?and tutorials for those parsers?..also any special preparation is needed in C to achieve this?..Just to mention i am very good in C and a Learner in XML..so send me ur valuable comments regarding my questions..

Though I personally haven't used it, this seems promising.

thanks for ur response '~s.o.s~"... can anyone have any experience on this..plz share with me..

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Are you saying you wanna build an xml parser from scratch in c? If so the answer is no, there better languages that are more suited for the job...

No.My requirement is how to access a xml file using a parser..and also how to access a particular <element> in that xml file..is there any special c function for accessing it..i know this sounds silly..but i am desperate...

Yes, visit the expat home page and study the examples / tutorials.

The essence of expat is that you configure it with a number of callback functions to be called when expat recognises a particular part of XML (say an element).

Start with something basic, say something to print out the current element name, along with it's depth in the tree.

thanks for all ur responses..

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