i have programmed in assembly for 3 years and have used a86.COM compiler. i like programming DOS programs. i can see that the assembly code has a little different structure that you all are talking about here. i know it's bacause of the compiler.
So is it good compiler that i am using?
and second question is: is it hard to program network card? i am not very n00b in assembly but have no expierence with network
i am using Tech Help v4 i think ( don't remember exactly) but there is nothing about network card

as i said i program DOS programs not Win32
any suggestions are welcome


I use ML & NASM only because they both use intel's syntax. That being said though, if your compiler is doing everything you want it do then its probably a good compiler. In my case the only advantage ML has over NASM is that emits adequate information for Olleybug so I can view my source in the debugger. The level of difficulty in programming anything depends on your level of knowledge of the device or environment. Case in point, 9 years ago I found windows programming in assembly or even "C" & "C++" very difficult because I was just learning the API's. Now I find it relatively easy

Its very hard to program a network card. you would need to write a whole tcp/ip stack

Its very hard to program a network card. you would need to write a whole tcp/ip stack

hm...well i am quite pacient
i think i would learn that
is there any libraries for TCP/IP programming
my aim is to make a simple program which would send bytes to certain destination and this destination PC has also my program on and could recieve my sent information...
for example in LAN...i have IP address ending with 0.2 and destination would be 0.3
it's like a DOS messenger
pointless but my intrest ;)
still any suggestions :)

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