A forum poster cuts and pastes his homework assignment, and expects others to provide the answer for him without so much as a please or thank you. Which of the following is the correct response?

A: No

B: Please refer to the forum posting rules which state "provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

C: Show us your code so far

PS. Here's a clue - it's all three.

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A new poster posts the same on a 12 year old thread, does he not realize it is not going to work that way?
Are students becoming really that dumb these days?
Or is this poster just saying: " Won't hurt, maybe there is some dumb Daniwebber giving me a solution".

Grade F: rahul_63

On another note, this is where the StackOverflow 'style' of questions and answers, with plenty of non-nonsense moderators, works well.

Homework questions like this are good for nothing. If the student can't be bothered to formulate a sensible question they are weakening whatever community is left and making it more difficult for any potential non-chump users to find something worth reading.

If someone has made an effort and posted some code that's stripped down to the essentials and well-formatted, I'm more than happy to go out of my way to help. When it's a case of


Yeah.. no.

As someone of Indian descent, it's pretty embarrassingly focussed, too.

can u solve it in oracle plsql method

yes. Question is, can you?

Are students becoming really that dumb these days?

Lazy and entitled? Yes. Dumb? Possibly.

Calculate a grade of student
Total marks=100
Mark=int(Input("enter obtained marks"))
TM=int(Input("enter the total marks"))
assert marks>=0 & marks<=TM
If perc>=90:
Elif perc>=81:
Elif perc>=71:
Elif perc>=61:
Elif perc>=51:
Elif perc>=41:
Elif perc>=33:


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You do realise that your code is not Java, do you?

Write a program in C++ using if/else operator with nested statements to find the grade of a student. The detail is as follow.  

 grade >= 90    Grade A    
 grade >= 80    Grade B  
 grade >=70     Grade C         
 grade >=60     Grade D  
 grade < 59      Grade F
                     wrong input   (“ERROR!!! ”)

please solve it inc++ language!!!!

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  1. Will ask the user to enter the marks scored by a class of 20 student for their economics test (the exam is a paper out of 80 marks)
  2. Then, the program will check for students who passed with 50% and others as failed.
  3. In addition to this, the program will display the student who got highest as “top archiever”
    The request for input must be clear. For example:

    Enter marks for student #1
    Enter marks for student #2
    Enter marks for student #3
    Enter marks for student #20

    Student #1 passed
    Student #2 passed
    Student #3 failed

    Student #20 passed
    Top achiver

    Student #20 is top achiever

Canu guys help me with this????

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