i have to calculate the internet bandwidth of the system using java program....
please give any ideas to acheve it........

thanks,in advance

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Explain what you want the code to do in more detail, and we'll try to help you find the java code to do it.

Something like this: Start the timer, connect to a website, upload/download a large number of bytes, end the timer and compute: bytes sent/unit of time

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thanks for u r replaying..

I have program that transffers file(large in size arround 500MB) from one computer(server) to multiple computers(clients) using server-socket programing...

In that when i sending this file to many computers there may be chance to that it takes maximum internet bandwidth to reciving data in the recieving computer... due to this usage of bandwidth the other internet applications may be slow down...

My idea is that iam allocating some bandwidth to the my file receiving program and remaining other programs are can't be slow down..

if any internet application are not running in that computer i give full bandwidth to the my program.....

please Help me solve to this ....

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