Hi! I'm Newbie in programming and I'm interested in VB and VC++.My problem is that I don't know completely how to program VB or VC++ Dll so that i will NOT repeat procedures in each exe i write. Is there anybody to guide me to write simple example?

With regards, EvStevemd
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See this article And here are some google links you might also want to read. Looks like some of them have example code.

Thanks A.dragon I will do it and for any Question,i'll post.
-------Good Luck-----

non-static C++ class code can not be called from VB so you have to write the DLL as C code or as static methods in C++. In both cases the functions have to be exported when compiling the DLL.

In VB code just predeclare the functions as you would any other DLL function such as win32 api functions. I don't recall the exact syntax but there must be hundreds of examples.

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