Does anyone have some good examples of ADO.NET code that demonstrates a coded connection to SQL Server such that bound controls bind to retrieve and update data.


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Try this

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Does anyone have some good examples of ADO.NET code that demonstrates a coded connection to SQL Server such that bound controls bind to retrieve and update data.


try this:
Dim SQLConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection
SQLConn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=servername;" & _
"Initial Catalog=databasename;" & _
"User ID=username;" & _

the easy and best way to get connected with sql server is given below:-

"declare this in the code window on a form. this should be first line in the the code window, import the library class."

import system.data.sqlclient

"then declare these publically"

dim con as sqlconnection
dim cmd as sqlcommand
dim rs as recordset
dim da as sqldataadaptor

"on form load make the connection:"

con= new sqlconnection("connection string")

"you are connected with sql server"

still you have any query pls mention.

A simple code on how to connect sql server from VB.Net via SQL connection string, and the use of ExecuteNonQuery() method to execute the command and the try and catch to catch errors during runtime.

Example information:

SQL data:

Database name: user

Table name: user_t

Columns: user_id,lname,fname,username,password,usertype



textID= for Id

textlname = for last name

textfname = for first name

textusername = for user name

textpassword = for password


comboUsertype = for user type


Dim con As New SqlClient.SqlConnection

Dim strCon as string = "Data Source=servername;Initial Catalog=user;Integrated Security=True"

Dim strCommand As String = "Insert into user_t (user_id, lname, fname, username, password, usertype) values ('" & Me.textID.text & "','" & Me.textlname.text & "', '" & Me.fname.text & "', '" & Me.textusername.text & "','" & Me.textpassword.text & "','" & Me.comboUsertype.text & "')"

Sub insert()


con.ConnectionString = strCon

Dim cm As New SqlClient.SqlCommand(strCommand, con)



MsgBox("Succesfully saved…")

Catch ex As Exception

MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Error")


If con.State = ConnectionState.Open Then


End If

End Try

End sub

Hi, im trying to save,update and delete records from access database using vb 2005, Please help wit the ciding

I am having a similiar problem... I can connect to a local MySql Database using:

SQLConn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=servername;" & _
"Initial Catalog=databasename;" & _
"User ID=username;" & _

Where servername is "localhost". I need to make a connection to an online database (same data structure). What should I put at the servername in that case?

The Server name cant be localhost. The Server name is the instance of SQL not the name of the Computer. a lot of people confuses this. There is a Difference between Data Source and servername. The Data Source is the SQL instance and the Servername is the name of the computer. in the Data Source should be the servername display when you try to connect to the sql server using SQl management studio. Copy that and put it here and it will work.

Kind Regards

Vuyiswa Maseko

cul stuff

dim con as sqlconnection = new sqlconnection( _
"server= server name; database= d-basename; user id = server id; password= server password;")
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i want connection to database through web.confug file how i can write a code in web.config file please help me.

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