Hi to all! I have to install sql server first time. But I have a confusion that what is difference between sql server and sql server management studio?
secondly is sql server management studio embeded in sql server or will it installed separately?
If it will installed separartely then which one i should install first, sql server or sql server management studio?

Actually I want features for making databases graphically(as in MS Access) as well as through queries , and I have also need to use features for Data warehouse development such as ETL e.t.c. So please guide me that which version should I install with what configuration should I install sql server to access above features.

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what is difference between sql server and sql server management studio?

SQL Server is the actual database server.

SQL Server Management Studio is a GUI to simplify creating tables, running queries etc.


Also, usually there are installations that will install SQL Server as well as SQL Server Management Studio. Actually thinking back (I don't install this often but have time to time), by default if you get a more complete installer it will install SQL Server Management Studio.

I would suggest installing both because SQL Server Management Studio makes it very easy to manage databases (and probaly the prefered). I know we urge clients of ours to have it install on the machine so we can access the database if resolving an issues easily.

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