Hey guyz!!!
Wel i am a new user on this site....and m kinda needz advice fer learning this c++.
I am a totaly new to the concept of C++ and have no previous knowleadge of C or any other programing language.....
Now since I have no idea what c++ or c is about so plz can you people plz suggest some books name which will be useful fer me to learn C++ totaly so dat i understand the concepts of c++ to the best.....

Plz i am counting on u people...

P.S:I am gonna have to use these concepts of c++ in data structures dats why I want a kinda a book which makes my basics of c++ strong.


Well you could start with this http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#writewell

Then scroll up a few lines to where all the sticky threads are, in particular the one called C++ Books

Though if you've never programming anything at all before, then C++ is a big jump. Be prepared for a good few months of hard work before you can start writing meaningful programs.

You may want to consider a simpler language (I hear python is good in this respect) which gets you into the "making the machine do stuff" frame of mind without you having to look after every minor detail along the way.

Take a look at Bloodshed Dev C++. Its a good IDE.

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