Hello everyone,
I know it is quite a long time you have heard from me, dont mind that it was due to the programming and all other stuffs. I am just curious to know what happens next. I can now say i am a c++ programmer and i can write applications i want, i dont know what to do next, will i need a certification to get a job? and where do you think i can hook up a job online? I also have one question to ask. I want to know whether i can create a GUI with c++ or is it just console applications i can build? I shall be patiently waiting for someone who will help with these questions...... Please i know i still need to know lots more so, i am ready for any advice and i will welcome it as necessary....

Of course you can crate GUI programs with c++. The entire MS-Windows api is written in C and C++. Also I bet the *nix GUI is also C/C++.

>> can now say i am a c++ programmer
Probably. Have you learned everything there is to learn? Definitely not. You will never stop learning.

>>will i need a certification to get a job
No, and certs are rarly even necessary. Into jobs only require bachelor's degree of equivalent experience. If you are really good at it you might want to consider getting a master's degree.

As Ancient Dragon said, there's always something you can learn to improve yourself

For example, another language, different ways of using the language(s) you currently know, design patterns, different libraries/APIs, problem analysis/design, algorithmics, learning other paradigms, machine code.. the list goes on.

Thanks guys, i really appreciate your concern, I was wondering may be i could go on and study JAVA or C# immmediately or i should wait and explore the world of c++ a little more? If you were me what would you do next?

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>>If you were me what would you do next?
I would get a girlfriend and go on an extended vacation :*

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