hi all,

I am a VB.net beginner, I am developing a VB.net project now. I would like to ask a few questions. Thanks.

I am using VB studio 2003 to develop the project. It automatically generated the codes for establishing some connections to the server. But there were some problems occuring.

After using "select" command for reading some data, the data can not be read normally and just showed "Byte[] array" in the data field. I think it read the data indirectly. I found the datatype of these data are "<Binary>" and the xld showed the data are in the "base64Binary" format.

How can I change the data type or how can I read the data directly.

Thanks very much.

Are using "server explorer" to connect with the database(which generates the code automatically).if yes-To avoid this just dont use the server explorer-
perform all the operations manually(create the table-write the code in code-behind file...),then i think so u wont get this type of error......