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The best suggestion I can offer is to download a few and try them, see which you like the best. choice of IDE is a personal preference, and shouldn't affect the kinds of programs you can create when you're just starting out with the standard language.

in addition to Turbo Explorer and MSVC++, some other popular IDE's available for windows are Dev-C++, and Code Blocks


the difference between them is mostly the way you develop your code... or the headers they use...

turbo c++ accepts headers that are deprecated in DEV c++, such as <stdlib.h> (which is <cstdlib> in DEV c++)... or the fact that in turbo c++ you must write the *.h in the header files, or the fact that you can't use namespaces... or that you can't develop functions @ the end of you program... but if you're working with the basic language of c++, you could actually do a nice work in any one...

the only thing is that your program may crash or present errors when written in one compiler and compiled in another different...

been there, done that... i got sooo mad...


I would choose Dev over other C++ compilers as well. Since its very simple and easy to get use too.

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