i could REALLY use your help.. the callback of a push button (namely pushbutton1) is a simple for i=1:100 loop that controls some other variables. i want to suspend the execution of the for loop after each incrementation of i.. however i don't want the execution of my gui to be completely suspended, as i want other pushbutton callbacks to be executable during the suspension of the for loop.. the for loop changes the values of 3 variables and each of the other push buttons plots the corresponding variable for each value of i (1:100). the purpose is to see the plots of the vars for each value of i. i have used the pause command, but it wasn't suitable for my purpose, as i want the execution of the for loop only to suspend and other executions of callback functions should be allowed, according to the button the user presses..please help me, it is part of my diploma project and i can't find help anywhere :( thanx..

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hi all,
I need to fill the "String" of a pop-up menu with data from a text file, how can I do that?

thanx guys

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