What are the basic questions to be asked about C# for an interview?

I'd ask just enough to see if the person really knows C# and move on to more important questions. Start with simple stuff like what the main method looks like, what data types are available, and basic class functionality. :)

are you asking as the interviewer or interviewee?

i've been through enough interviews to know that there is no answer to this question.

pickup the C# pocket reference as that will be your best friend though.

the most importants thinks according to C#
working with collection and generics
windows forms
anonymous methods
events handeling
ajax enabled pages
xml and IO files handeling

I really don't think you can answer this question accurately. Last month I went on at least 10 different interviews, and I came up with 10 different interviews.

Some people will ask more about your work ethic, or about previous projects. Others will grill you with technical questions about object-oriented programming. Some will try to trip you up with trick questions about different .NET library tools. I even had one ask if I preferred tea or coffee as a genuine interview question!

So really, it depends. I think the best advice is just to know you, and know what to do. Further, don't be afraid to say you don't know something, but also be sure to indicate an understanding of a concept if they explain further.

Good luck!


What is CLR?
What is NameSpace?
What is Frame Work?
What is CTS?
what is Inheritance?
What is Pholimorphisam?

Please go through all OOPs concept. Thats all.

With regards and prayers,
M.Senthil Rajan

What are the basic questions to be asked about C# for an interview?

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