hi.. I have a problem on opening 2 file ... as below is my code... I want to open 1 file let's say .Dat file and it will trigger the other .Hdr file. the only different is the extension name , 11U06P0434FN.dat and 11U06P0434FN.hdr .... anyone can help me .... please .

CommonDialog1.Filter = ".Dat"
CommonDialog1.InitDir = App.Path & "\BatchFile"
CommonDialog1.FileName = ""

txtdata(0).Text = rtndirectory(Trim(CommonDialog1.FileTitle))
If Trim(CommonDialog1.FileName) = "" Then Exit Sub
DatFName = CommonDialog1.FileName

txtdata(1).Text = rtndirectory(Trim(CommonDialog1.FileTitle))
HdrFName = CommonDialog1.FileName

End Sub

So if you mean that you don't get the option to open multiple type files, then you need to change your code slightly.

CommonDialog1.Filter = "Dat File (*.Dat)|Hdr File (*.Hdr)"

This will give you option to open both type of files


use ur code to open Dat file and then get the header file by just replacing last 3 chars:

DatFName = CommonDialog1.FileName
HdrFName = Replace(LCase(DatFName),".dat",".hdr")


DatFName = CommonDialog1.FileName
HdrFName = Left(DatFName,Len(DatFName)-3) & "hdr"


thnx veena , it works .... i use the 2nd one u gave me.... thnx alot.....

thnx veena .... it works .... i use the 2nd one u gave me..... appreciate it....

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