struct NodeType
  char name[MaxNameSize];              
  NodeType* next;                    // A pointer to the next person in line
void GetInLine(char new_person[]);
int main(void)
  char X[MaxNameSize];
  Q q1;
void Q::GetInLine(char new_person[]) // This function causes a person
                // to get in line in the appropria spot.

  NodeType* temp;
  temp=new NodeType;


my error in here is in a definition of GetInLine
139 C:\Documents and Settings\mauro\Desktop\ass4.cpp expected primary-expression before ']' token
What is that mean

>> temp->name=new_person[];
Is that line 130? You can not assign char arrays like that. You have to use strcpy() instead, like this:

#include <cstring>

>> temp->next=Front;
>> Front=temp;

Circular reference -- is that what you really want ? It results in Front->next == Front, and you have lost all other nodes that may have been in that linked list.