I created a crystal report in vb.net 2003 that generates invoices. I need to be able to print this report to a Canon copy machine(with four paper drawers), but I can't select the paper drawer to print from at runtime, it has to print to the fourth drawer. I am using a ReportDocument object with the report source being Invoice.rpt within .NET.
Here is my current code for printing:

Public Sub PrintForm(ByVal s As String)
rdInvoice.RecordSelectionFormula = "trim({SOP10100.BACHNUMB}) = '" & s & "' and {SOP10100.SOPTYPE} in [4, 3]"
rdInvoice.PrintOptions.PrinterName = "\\RAPCONT1\Canon iR3300 PS3"
rdInvoice.PrintOptions.PaperSource = PaperSource.Lower
rdInvoice.PrintToPrinter(1, False, 5, 5)
End Sub

Any ideas on how I can select at runtime the paper tray to print from?
Thanks in advance!

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Simplest method is to create a printer with the default properties you require and just switch to that printer when required.

hope this helps

I'm speechless... I can't believe I didn't think of that!


if you find difficulty in printing from Crystal report , u can export it as PDF or Excel format and print it.

its very easy.

I have a requirement:

I have a Parameterised Crystal Report.
I have one Button called btnView.
On btnClick event of that...

i want to Export the Crystal Report to PDF.

I have another Button called btnPrint.
On btnPrint event of that...

I want to convert to PDF and after that i want to print that PDF with Asp.net and C#.net.

Here the problem is i can able to send parameters to the Crystal Report but i am not able to Export the Parameterised Report in to PDF.

and also with Code ASP.Net and C#.Net i could not able to Print PDF directly with out showing it to the user

Hello guys. I am having issues with Crystal report. When i click print button to print the receipt. The issue is i dont want report view to be showing, instead i want it to print direct without showing report

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