Ok so after quite awhile i finally picked up from where i stopped last. Which was the "2nd" page of the book "sams teach your self c++" lol!
(im not much of a reader)

But today i intend to start work properly and continue learning c++, so i would just like to know if there is anything that i can do whilst going over this book.
any insider tips i should know etc...


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The best insider tip I can think of is don't trust everything you read. Keep an open mind because what you learn could be wrong and you have to re-learn it from another source.


the insider tip firstly be passionate for c++.and secondly dont grasp anything just go to depth of the concept.not able to understand from one book ur reading.serach ur problem in other books until u clarify it.


I'm using the same book. I hat how it gets you to just edit the code it gives you. Put your code to the test. Think of simple things to make, even if it is really corny.



hi am am also a newbie nad reading the same book what i like to do it to test myself and whnever there is a script in the book i ry to guess what it does and the read the output and analysis. Also i advise you to have a compiler ready and as you learn you write some stuff to test yourself and so you study corectly.

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