Does anyone know the code to compare file versions from a server share and prompt the user to download the update if the file versiion is newer? Also how would you get this code to work automatically after launching the app? I've tried ClickOnce but did not like the end result because of it's limitations. Thnaks in advance.


I have implemented something like this in my apps. I was planning to use click once but as you said updating multiple files and other custom files is a limitation but iam sure with orcas it will be really good. Mean while register on www.coderewind.com and you will get the sample app there soon.

Hi binoj_daniel

Thanks for replying. Yes concerning ClickOnce I don't like the fact that you can't modify the install directory, and as far as updating multiple files I've tried the bootstrapper manifest utility with no success. Just a headache. I've registered to the website. When can I expect your app to be released? Can you send me a link when it is released?



I will definitely send the link and you will be able to download it free.