Hi guys

I have a tricky XML/Java situation that I need some tips on
I have an XML file
<country-name code=”USA”>

<country-name code=”FRA”>

</country >

Firstly I need to count how many cities per country. I know I have to get the parent and child nodes and so on
Secondly I need to display these cities names per country (if code =”FRA”)'

How do I do this in Java?
Thanks in advance!

Hi michael.ngobeni,

Have a read of the javax.xml classes in the Java API. You should look in particular at the parsers package. Another step might be the java xml tutorials on sun.com.

Anyway I hope this has given you a starting point. Post back if you need more help.


yah... java's xml parsers can help you more... couple of them r, DOM, JDOM, SAX...
if u use DOM or JDOM, get the whole document parsed, then just use a method called getElementsByTagName(String Tag). This is pretty easy to do. you will have to follow factory pattern.

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