Hi, i've been with this in my neck a month ago, I need to write and read a image file to an Informix DB, but through a COM+ application (3 tier app). I googled this several times with no luck. So please any help would be apreciated.

I have tried with the followings examples:


And nothing, also i've tried with the Informix functions: LoToFILE and FileToBlob, those could save the file into the DB, but when i tried to Write into the client, it just save the file on the MTS server, and I don't have permissions to send it to the client.

Please, if someone could give me a working example on how I do this, I just be eternally thankful.

Thank you very much for your patient.
Omar D.

I haven't found the solution yet, nobody has an idea about this? :( now, i'm really desperated...

The reason why I can't use the codes mainly is that the components used to update the database uses an UpdateBatch command and it returns me an error, I guess it's because a blob can't be used to construct an Insert or Update transaction (UpdateBatch command constructs those transactions).

I can't use that component. If I made another component, how can I save the blob field on the database and how can I read it... I tried this with those examples above but no luck.

Any help are welcomed...