I'm new to C++ builder learning C++ builder,i don't know how to install components.I'm trying to use the text highlight & line count feature for the text editor i've created by following instructions in help file of borland.I downlaoded the component from http://delphisci.sourceforge.net/ but there was no installation instruction.i tried google & Help docs on delphisci website.but no installtion instruction was given.So can anyone help me with pprocedure to install scintilla component.Please do tell me how can i install any type of component & How can i begine use of it?

If you knwo how to install component please help.Thanks in advance.

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try the C++ and Delphi manuals, which you will have if you have a legal version of the product.
If you don't, you don't deserve any help. In fact you deserve only contempt if you use pirated software.


Hey I do have Legal version,i own personal C++ builder 6.I have lots of manuals on disk but i dont understnad where to look if you know have a pinpoint.I'm in search for this answer since last three months,even one of my friend arun is also looking for the same answer all over the web with same thread.

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