Hi, im new to DaniWeb, but hoping to join in a lot. My first post is a request for help. I am currently working on a project for fun at home in my spare time. I have currently coded nearly all the project, but am strugaling majorly on saving files.

I have spoken to my ICT Teachers at school about help, but to be honest they are useless. It seems im teaching them than the other way. What i have is around 24 Textboxs that have to have information filled in, when someone comes to take out clothes from a store. I need a way to save all of these 24 pices of information into a file.

I think that the best option is a CSV file, although you may surgest otherwise. Basiclly i need help with code and were to start. I know how to make the CSV file, but were i am stuck is coding it all so when a button is clicked it saves all those 24 pieces of info under each of the headings in the CSV File.

The file will also have multiple saves under it, therefore it is essintail that files can't be overwriten without the user beeing sure it is ok.

If anyone could please point me in the right direction or show me some code samples i would be very thankfull.


I have had another idea for the way i could save the members and information. I have attached a JPEG piccy with this post and i hope this explains what i mean for this way. Id need help knowing how to make those folders etc. If you are quite intrested in helping me jst say and i will email you the project.

Thank-You VM - Alex

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The ideal solution would be to save data to a database. And then to plan how each table is linked to the other.

ok thanks, were would i start with making a database? Do i do .mdb or sql etc etc... I really need help on this. Thanks for surgestion


Start with Access (mdb) file.
Collect all the necessary info u need to store in db. then u can start designing the database. If this is ok, and if ur DB is huge, u can shift to SQL Server.


Thanks alot, I have Been on holiday for the last 12 days, so havn't had a chance to come on asnnd check up. Thats alota help, wat you said about mdb file.

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