I have a main form and every once in a while another form is popped up, waiting for input from the user.
I have a toolbar on my mainform. When that other form is shown while the user is in the sub of menubutton_click, then the program gets stuck, it takes about ten clicks on the form for the user to be able to continue. Any clue why this happens and what to do about it?


"Every Once In a While".. means u have a Timer and are you showing the NewForm for user to enter data..? if u have the Timer and showing for specific Interval, then When the user is still enetring the data, the time must have been lapsed and may be another form is popped up, and may be it has continued so... Sorry If I have not understood properly..


You're right, I do have a timer, which at certain intervals checks for something and if true, pops up that other form. But why would't that let me to continue with what I want to do on either form?

I think the problem was, that that form is shown vbmodal, maybe that's a problem when in the middle of a sub. Anyway, I took away the vbmodal since it's not really necessary(until I remember why I put it there, then it will become necessary again) and now it works.

Ok,I see now why it was necessary. It's because sometimes it shows when a form that's vbmodal is shown. So what I'm trying to do now is, I have an if statement, if any of the modal forms are open then show this form modal otherwise show it regular. That should take care of the two problems. My problem now is I'm asking
if frmnew.visible = true then frmreminder.show vbmodal
and if gives back false even if it's open. How do I check if form is open, isn't this the way?

Mistakes are the best teachers, I guess.
If frmnew.visible = true really loads that form and this I really don't want. How do I check if frnew is open(and not only loaded)

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