Dear Frens,

I have made a simple project. I want to create an installation file so that I can install and use it as a Window Application. Please help me with the steps to create the installation file.

Anticipating your reply.


I guess you're using visual studio, right? With the express editions, setup and deployment projects aren't supported, but you can publish with ClickOnce or make your own custom installer and uninstaller. I haven't tried that yet so I can't tell you how to do it. :( If you use one of the full versions of visual studio then you can create a setup project and add it to the solution.

I did as you said...but I still have problem in choosing the files in the third step..There comes a dialog box asking to add files. Which files should I add to it. Should I add my exe file or all the source files to it.

Please suggest me.

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