I'm in the process of getting JConnector in MySQL to connect to JBuilder 3. I've noticed in the MySQL manual that to accomplish this successfully I need to switch off the class verifier (-Xverify:none) as JBuilder 3 is too old to support some features on the JConnector.

(1) How or where do I go to do the above command and switch off the verifier?

(2) Is it dodgy to switch off the verifier. Does it affect other aspects of the program that I'm trying to develop?

(3) In the light of the above info am I as well of to stick with using MS Access while using JBuilder 3, until I upgrade JBuilder and not to bother with MySQL?

Sorry if these questions seem trivial.

Thanks in advance,

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Ditch JBuilder 3.
There's no reason whatsoever to still use that dinosaur.

Definitely. It dates to JDK 1.1/1.2 I believe.


Thanks for the help
have JBuilder Developer 2007 here but find it a bit convoluted. I'm sure its excellent so given ur advice I'll just have to get stuck into it and get used to it quickly.


like every new piece of software it takes some getting used to.
But if you never move on, you're only going to find yourself left behind by history and end up like the Neanderthals.

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