I have some lines on a plane. I want to find points those lines intersect each other. than I try to find whether this lines make a closed surface or not. Any one have idea?

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i think that i am talking nonsense so perhaps i should keep my mouth shut.

all i can see is if you can somehow convert the lines to linear equations and then set them equal to each other and compute the point where they meet.

but dont listen to me. it is just that that would have been the only solution that i would have been able to come up with.

It seems so hard to imlement. I heard about Bentley-Ottmann Algorithm. but even I can't implement it. Can any one help

i dont even know what a bentley ottmann algorithm is. sorry for wasting your time. perhaps you should post this in the computer science and software development forum.

This seems to be a promising link. I only quickly scanned the article but looks like it has some code. google can be a programmer's best friend sometimes.

i dont know how far you have gotten with this but i have been thinking about it since yesterday.

after having read the link posted by ancient dragon i think that i might have some way but it is crude and i cannot guarentee that i would actually succeed. also i would need a lot of time. but it is a really interesting project and i would like to work on it too. perhaps we can work on it seperately and continuously compare notes.

to begin with i want to ask you a few questions.

is the plane a flat surface? if it is a curved surface then i would be lost since my mathematics only extend to geometry on a two dimensional plane.

then there are the lines themselves

are the lines known at compile time or are they supplied at run time.

also are they straight lines or curves(quadratic equations) . (i.e. y = mx + c or y = ax2 + bx + c ).

also if these equations is of a order higher than quadratic then i would have some difficulty working with them. even if i could work with them i would have difficulty translating a line of this type into an algebraic equation of this type.

also does the lines have an interval. i mean do these lines have an end and a beginning?

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