Hi all,

There are plenty of websites that provide templates for websites. Where can we find templates (I mean GUI templates and not code templates) for stand-alone applications (Windows applications)?

In more details... a template for a website tells you where to put your content, your menu, your help, your contact info and so on... I want the same thing for a stand-alone application (or should I say Windows application). For example, Ad-Aware and Genie Backup Manager have great interfaces (screenshots attached)... I want to be able to do the same for my apps...

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

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I don't think you can get templates like that. You'd still have to know how they work to make the controls function, and that's the biggest part of writing an UI. But tools like visual studio make designing the UI really easy...


I'm not talking about building the UI. I'm talking about making it look good.

... Looks like my only option is to hire a graphic designer!!!

Or maybe use WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)... This framework has pretty interfaces (Check this tutorial for example: http://www.codeproject.com/WPF/SkinningInWPF.asp).

Let me know if you have any ideas :)



Making the UI look good is all about designing it. You can buy flashy controls from people like Infragistics, but putting them together into a good looking and easy to use UI is hard. You can write your own controls too, but getting them to look as good as they work is really hard if you don't have a background in graphic design...

I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but the two options are to learn about UI and graphic design so you can make it yourself or hire someone who can do it for you. :(


Hey Hamrick,

Thanks for the reply. I think you are right in there.

If anyone has more ideas; please share them with us :)

(By the way, Infragistics controls are very good looking... that's one good solution to my problem... thanks)



Hello every One

I am new to this forum
Even i want to improve UI of my windows Application .. can u suggest some good site which can help me regarding this or if any idea or help from you guys it will be really helpfull

Thanks and regards


Check out http://jacanasoftware.com. Their templates feature multi level tabs, clean css, it validates, and the CSS won't mess with your controls. I highly recommend them.

The OP was asking for Win Form templates/controls but used web controls as an example.

Anyway, Developer Express has the best components -- in my opinion of course :) -- excellent support, and are in general a good company. Their controls ship with many samples that have excellent UI's and they also let you use any of their images. http://www.devexpress.com/

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